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Vision & Mission
Program Overview
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Our goal at POSTECH TIM is to develop science and technology professionals into creative and inspirational leaders with an integrated expertise in technology and business. In addition, we train for practical and critical skills needed in creating, innovating and managing technology-based new business models.

Program Attendance Duration Semester Credit Requirement Degree Started
MS Full-time 2 years 2 semesters
(+ Summer term)
33 credits
Thesis Academic degree ‘07.3
PhD(or Integrative Program) Full-time 2 years
(3 years)
2 semesters Minimum 32 credits
(up to 65 credits)
Thesis Academic degree ‘07. 3
Global Cooperation + Global Internship
Global Cooperation
ㆍClassroom courses by outstanding lecturers invited from global corporations and academia (30% of    total courses)
ㆍCollaboration with renowned universities overseas & Invited lecturers, seminars and global know-how    licensing
Global Internship
ㆍGlobal internship opportunities in all parts of the world including France, Germany, Netherlands, Czech
     Republic, Singapore, Philippines, and the U.S.
ㆍAlliances with KIST Europe and LG CNS Europe to send qualified students as interns every summer
ㆍFinancial support for select students (based on academic and professional achievement)
ㆍTailored summer programs (5~6 weeks), comprising business and language courses at international
     universities for corporate sponsored students
POSTECH TIM, 77 Cheongam-Ro. Nam-Gu. Pohang. Gyeongbuk. Korea 790-784
TEL : 82-54-279-2689 / FAX : 82-54-279-2694